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Karaboudjan – Falling Forward

Karaboudjan – Falling Forward


A vortex of haze enveloping from all angles; swirls of light traverse the gauntlet surrounding your mind. Karaboudjan’s newest single, Falling Forward, thunders in from the mountaintops, riding a wave of heat lightning & sunbeams down to the mortal earth. Drums rumble & roar, as atmospherically electric guitars ameliorate the soundwaves, & vox solidify/ edify the numinous melodies & harmonies, enchanting the listener with this pure, positivistic incantation. What we have here is peak compositionship, musicianship, & clear textural mastery. 

AKA the solo project of Billy Kim, Karaboudjan’s biography reads them as an already accomplished accompanier, having toured with Tycho since 2016 – but make no mistake, this is a creator of vision & exuberance, & an artist worth following further into the future. Explore Karaboudjan’s catalog & support as best you’re able, with hope for imaginative springs eternal:


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