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The Moving Stills – Throw Me A Line

The Moving Stills – Throw Me A Line

Pull yourself back to shore with the retro-future-esque rock mellowness of ‘Throw Me A Line‘, the newest single from Australia’s The Moving Stills. Off of their recently released LP ‘Sunshine Corner’, ‘Throw Me A Line’ features a heady, psychedelically sunny je ne sais quoi to mellow your mind & soothe your soul.

Rhythmic arpeggios & lead guitar lines interweave a gentle-but-complex foundation, while melodies, rhythm, & atmosphere build a beautiful refuge of harmoniousness. The vocals maintain an effortless-yet-intricate honesty that is both aesthetically unique & familiarly catchy. A fantastic production adds that level of humanism often sought after in today’s world of microwave music, which elegantly compliments the groovy pop-mindedness in the subtle complexity of its movements.

Whether enjoying the Southern Hemisphere’s summer, braving the cold of the North, or taking it in stride along the poles or the equator, this is an excellent song by an excellent band off an excellent album. Hear more here:


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