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Cara Bateman – Not Great

Cara Bateman – Not Great

Cara Bateman

Think of Cara Bateman and what comes to mind is a soulful, mellifluous voice that soundtracks your most intimate moments to self. But the complexity of her voice, which shot fame for her as a featured artist performing at the Canadian Music Week of 2019, is actually far more enthralling and daring – to my ears today than ever before with a fresh flair on my headphones.

“Not Great” was written when I felt my life hadn’t amounted to my expectations. The song is centred by a dissonant, haunting chord progression, reflecting the depression I’d denied carrying for years. The lyrics are a manifestation of my ultimate awareness and acceptance of this pain. But I’ve never been someone who gives up. I’ve always believed that even on the darkest days, there is too much magic in the world to discount. I hope people hear this song and learn to be patient with themselves.

Not Great, isn’t a traditional track, it’s haunting, with instrumentation rolls and flows, full of lyrical swirls, twangs, and magic. We choose to hold on to these kinds of songs – forever in the memory. As our beloved niche creams over for Norah Jones, Cat Power, or Feist, Cara Bateman is the new talk of the mysterious town that passes all the overdressed tracks, stripping down to the fundamentals in life.

I think She’s Great for sure, without a fake! You only come across rarely to these talents. What a voice, I grasp my breath to listen further. And imagine a scenario to “musically die for” one note at a time.

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