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Rachma Lim – Wishing Well

Rachma Lim – Wishing Well

Rachma Lim

Whether you’re welcoming Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, or settling into Autumn down South, Rachma Lim’s newest work, ‘Wishing Well‘, strikes an absolutely fantastic & truly beguiling mood, perfect for this broader aesthetic of change.

Featuring an elegantly sophisticated pianoforte creating the metaphysical groundwork, gorgeous single-note melodies intertwine with a gracefully mellifluous saxophone to create a vivid audial mosaic. Rich, pluralistic chords assemble a decadent framework, conglomerating with the colorful upright bass & subtly labyrinthine drum work to further develop this phantasmagoric palette. Spanning a vast range of emotions, dynamic variation takes this work to another level, as singular & textural minimalism eddies off of maximum tonal variety.

From the gentle ascent of the 3-3-2 opening polyrhythms to the essorantly bowed bass closing, this is supreme musicianship & compositional direction – one might define it as a premier example of ‘sprezzatura’. Be sure to delve further into the musical journey’s of Rachma Lim, as not to miss any further audial endeavors:


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