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Colour Tongues – Midnight Island

Colour Tongues – Midnight Island

Colour Tongues

Colour Tongues is a band formed by different kinds of people sharing the same love for music. When I first read the band’s bio, I felt like I was reading a joke in the back of a magazine: “a nurse, a carpenter, an actor, and a dog walker walk into a bar.”
Instead of just walking into a bar, these guys rock bars, venues, and stages with incredible music.

The band, despite taking many hits and weathering storms, both literally and figuratively, is more than alive and recently released the title track of their upcoming debut LP, “Midnight Island“. The song is a really great listen, with an anthemic chorus, excellent guitar riffs, a banging drumset, and vocals that make you want to sing and dance with the tune.

The sound reminds me a bit of Death Cab for Cutie without sounding like a copy. Colour Tongues offer their unique take on what I’d say is mainly a Pop Rock song but has different elements here and there. The production is modern, with every instrument taking its own space in the room and blending nicely to create one of these songs you want to listen to on repeat all day.

I can definitely say I’m a fan.
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