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#1 | Bill Callahan-Dream River | Drag City (electronikaki)

#1 | Bill Callahan-Dream River | Drag City (electronikaki)

No.1#Give it a spin 2013 (electronikaki) 
Bill Callahan
Dream River
Drag City

Εχω b-day σημερα
τυχαιο δε νομιζω.
μου ευχηθηκε ενας φιλος
“να κανω τα ονειρα μου
καθημερινοτητα μου”
Αυτος ειναι ο Bill για μενα τοσα χρονια ο Smog.
Η φωνη της συνειδησης μου.
Πιο ομορφη από ποτέ…..
να ναι παντα ανοιξη στην καρδια σου.
ο θεος και το αριστουργημα
(και η παραφωνη εμμονη μου με δαυτον)
μια κιθαρα και λεξεις
λέξεις και παρε μου την ψυχη….

Η κριτική μου ένα φεγγάρι στο για το
Sometimes i wish we were an eagle
απο μενα για σενα 
Καλες γιορτες
Καλη χρονια
Και η λιστα προς τα πισω των 20 , θα ενημερωθει πριν πεις 2014.
Μουσική ρε, και αγαπη….
Day ♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫
1.Bill Callahan-Dream River (Drag City)
2.Αside= Charles Bradley (ft Menahan Street Band)-Victim of love (Dunham)
2.Bside=Chelsea Wolfe-Pain is Beauty (Sargent House)
3.Jonathan Wilson-Fanfare (Bella Union)
4.Nils Frahm-Spaces (Erased Tapes)
5.Soso-Not for Nothing (Endemik)
6.Steven Wilson-The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories) (KScope)
7.Jim James-Regions of Light And Sound of God (ATO Records)
8.Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds-Push the sky away (Bad Seed Ltd)
9.Girls Names-The New Life (Tough Love Records)
10.Tricky-False Idols (Studio !K7)
11.King Krule-6 Feet Beneath the moon (XL recordings)
12.Hidden Masters-Of this and other worlds (Rise Above Records)
13.Dale Cooper Quartet And The Dictaphones-Quatorze Pièces De Menace (Denovali)
14.Lilacs & Champagne-Danish & Blue (Mexican Summer)
15.Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld-Still Smiling (Specula)
16.Τhe Fauns-Lights (Invada)
17.Diamat-Being Is The Sum Of Appearing (n5MD)
18.The Drones-I See Seaweed (self released)
19. John Tchicai, Cecil McBee, Garrison Fewell, Charlie Kohlhase, Billy Hart-Tribal Ghost (NoBusiness)
20. Mark Kozelek & Jimmy Lavalle – Perils from the sea (Caldo Verde)
φίλτατος BelgAlex
1.Deafheaven-Sunbather (Deathwish Inc)
2.Baths-Obsidian (Anticon)
3.Hookworms-Pearl Mystic (Weird World)
4.Youth Lagoon-Wondrous Bughouse (Fat Possum )
5.Bill Callahan-Dream River (Drag City)
6.Local Natives-Hummingbird (FrenchKiss Records)
7.Julia Holter-Loud City Song (Domino)
8.Blood Orange-Cupid Deluxe (Domino)
9.Iceage-You’re Nothing (Matador)
10.Steven Wilson-The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories) (KScope)
11.Black City Lights-Another Life (Stars and Letters)
12.Soso-Not for nothing (Endemik music)
13.Jenny Hval-Innocence is Kinky (Rune Grammofon)
14.IO ECHO-Ministry of Love (IamSound)
15.Circuit Des Yeux-Overdue (Ba Da Bing)
16.These New Puritans-Field of Reeds (Infectious Music)
17.The Boy-American Unicorn (Inner Ear)
18.Grave Miasma-Odori Sepulcrorum (Sepulchrar Voice)
19.Touche Amore-Is survived by (Deathwish Inc)
20.Savages-Silence Yourself (Matador)