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Western Skies Motel – Settlers | Lost Tribe Sound

Western Skies Motel – Settlers | Lost Tribe Sound

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Photos courtesy of the Keane, Thompson, and the Amundsen and Amundson Family archives 

As we un “Whirl” the cotton of plucks and strings, the folk style
Americana yet lonesome but calm-fully powerful mystique of the album,
calculate a well sown tranquillity of the modern classical and folk-quest
era. We love the sky that builds up with colors of drone and harmonium.
Time expands at Schelbeck’s feet, and the only way you can get out of
this transient capsule, is to draw your own endless limits on a canvas
of red’s and blue’s. Passion vs Peace.

Settlers is the new album from Western Skies Motel, out on the 22nd of April (2016). Mastered for vinyl and digital by Taylor Deupree. Guitarist René
Gonzàlez Schelbeck
aka Western Skies Motel, sent out his intimate composed songs to Lost Tribe Sound head-quarters, Arizona. The trip was far  long from Denmark but the heart travels it’s beat into landscapes that conceive a place called home. I wonder if there could ever be a back to front with wonderful Jose Gonzalez. The two like minded can plug voice over tabs and create a volcano of epic minimal guitar modulus.

So true are the parallels we find in our own existence, the
complex ritual of growing old and returning to dirt. Decay is inevitable
for all life, yet through this it becomes the rich soil for all things
proceeding. Western Skies Motel’s weighty instrumental mantras may root
in this and other meanings yet to be culled. One thing is clear, this
music contains signicant power, and, regardless of our conceived themes
or geographic locations, it tells a story that is lasting and instantly

Western Skies Motel is an instrumental project from Denmark. The music is inspired by the dry winds of the American prairie.

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To sum things up for today grab your next freebee on fantastic Lost Tribe! It’s centered around the quietly triumphant vocals of Annie
Lewandowski (aka Powerdove) and William Ryan Fritch!

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