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Dave Douglas ft. Shigeto, Mark Guiliana and Jonathan Maron – “Let’s Get One Thing Straight”

Dave Douglas ft. Shigeto, Mark Guiliana and Jonathan Maron – “Let’s Get One Thing Straight”

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With the 2015 release of High Risk , Dave Douglas (two-time GRAMMY® nominated trumpeter), Shigeto (Ghostly International), Mark Guiliana (Beat Music, Heernt, David Bowie) and Jonathan Maron (Groove Collective) proved
they could produce an album where avantjazz and electronic music met in a spacey atmospheric middle ground, delivering something new in the world of genre. Melding traditional instrumentation and modern electronic music production challenges the ideals of both the traditional term “jazz” as well as the modern term “electronic music.”

“Let’s get one thing straight”, the “Dark Territory” has the ability to speak with emotions, all coming from a core of creative individuals like never before in the jazz-electro neo-particular scene. I’ve only experienced Shigeto live once during Plissken Festival in Athens back in 2013 and I swear I couldn’t stop my feet from dancing frantically to the delectable beats that kept on dazzling us into an electronic trance. So lets imagine spinning this vinyl at home one day, what will happen to our experimental steam? Notes concluding to phrases of the cosmos would leap out from underneath, through a volcanic eruption of fundamental spaced out beats, enough to ignite your cells into a historic pathway of intellectual artistry. If this music was in force with breathing techniques it would order you at first to slightly hold your breath. The tantra of sound signals translating at once cathartic messages to your atoms full of peaceful balance and symmetry. Once they hit your acoustic derma, exhaling is the alternative aura a flip-side to Zion.

“The biggest element in this meeting of the worlds an openness and willingness to put everything at risk,” says
Douglas. “I wanted to create a situation where we really were at risk, we were on a high wire, where the exigencies
of being in the moment and creating with your wits – from one second to the next – was what it was about.”

Dark Territory follows up on this area of risk, going into new, as yet unexplored musical
spaces. The title was suggested by the writer Fred Kaplan , whose new book Dark Territory: The Secret
History of Cyber War , talks about the similarly mysterious, murky waters of underground activity. In a way,
we’re playing through a similar territory without rules where the dangers and challenges of technology are much
greater than normal. I love that Zach, Jon, and Mark are so willing to go that place!

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