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Khaled Kurbeh-Pieces From Exile | album

Khaled Kurbeh-Pieces From Exile | album

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After 40 years of tyranny under Assad Regime, the brave Syrian people started a revolution seeking freedom in 2011.

They took to the streets and started chanting, singing and dancing in the face of army tanks and snipers. Back then the elderly said to the youth “you don’t know this regime, they will burn this country before stepping down” but the youth were far beyond the point of return. From Daraa to Homs, Raqqa to Qamishli the barrier of fear was broken.

Pieces From Exile is in memory of those lost, abducted and displaced by the war. It’s dedicated to every Free Syrian and inspired by some activists, artists and figures of our revolution. I would like to thank everyone who bought this record and the collective of artists for their contribution.


Khaled Kurbeh is a Syrian music producer and composer. He released his album under the alias “Kaan Wafi”, Pieces From Exile which was hosted at BOX Freiraum during 2015. Arranged as a square, the 25 unique screen printed covers of the LP, built the center of the exhibition. The covers showed an image that is related to a historical source: a late medieval tile-panel from Damascus now to be found at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. A year has just gone by, and its reference is still important concerning the actual situation in Syria, by which the cover concept becomes politically charged. On the one hand, it’s about relics, transferred or “exiled” fragments of a threatened and destroyed culture and community- on the other hand it’s about the shaping of a new kind of context: while the original image in the museum has gaps, this design proves to be completed.


We are living dark days, however, music helps to state what cannot be compared or felt with any other words from different worlds. Music is a global language that brings people together in peace. I’m grateful for contacting Khaled via mail, the vibes reached out to us to reunite. If you are human you can feel the pain and suffering which I’m afraid is growing bigger than ever in this world.. Solidarity to all people on this earth, to ourselves that need no pat on the back – just a reminder to doubt the unforgiving reality. Do yourself a favor, any financial proceeds from this project/album are donated to the Syrian civil rescue organization “The White Helmets”. This album has had a strong effect on me the past days, a road-movie where you can feel all the pain, fears and tears. On the other side, you can feel hope for humanity. We are all in this problem, we must all fight for our freedom. “There are many hundreds of people under heavy bombs, I wish the world will turn and focus on that”…..



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