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Elo is Lola – I See
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Elo is Lola – I See


The song kicks in like “The Pyramid Song” hummings, (ok I have a big imagination) and I think I’m listening to Thom Yorke’s twin sister with the hots for Prince. After a few more seconds, it gets even more appealing with the purest internal worlds I’ve ever spinned the last many days. Patti Smith meets Cat Power and they start purring into an enchanting dance with Tricky and James Blake. Really it’s an innovating mixture of favorite artists all crumbled into an entirely new package of exquisite characters. I really enjoy bands that craft their sound on our loves and take it heaps further. Originality with a big O notation my mates! Elo is Lola, will take me by surprise, changing my feelings every 20 seconds, I’m hanging on every word Lola plays on her palette gravitating my head and soul in her beautiful world. 

Endless possibilities, intimate scaling on the octaves …

I can find so many talents in EloisLola. It’s Lola Djeane, with Lionel Mendousse (producing, violin, arrangements, mixing) and Lawrence Foulquier (bass, beatmaker). It’s a track of epic elegy, just making me hit the repeat button all over again. I would really want to hear this band jamming with some of my other favs like Portishead, shifting the roof on fire. Feelings are burning in this whirlwind I hope you “see” my point of view and stick to the band like cotton candy on a toffee apple.
You’ll want to plant this recording many times a day in your house. It will bring you a heavenly enigmatic and cathartic light to your life’s long questions. The track is sexy, mysterious and upfront creative!
Lola Djeane: Singing, Composing, Writing and Arranging

You can find “I see” in upcoming “Cheval De Quatre” EP, real soon. Feel the breeze if your into guitars, keyboards and yummy colorful beats. I haven’t encountered such amazing energy in a track for a long time and it seems the band is a magnetic pop progressive soul (as they like to call it).  Hell yeah, they can entertain, encourage, stimulate and inspire us to have fun. Soon enough a community of music lovers will be supporting each other for the life and the world they want to build! Hope we speak again with them soon on the blog. Stay tuned.

I see a song as a theater, a movie, a walk in the forest, a land crossing, a travel in time, and I want to groove!

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