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August Favs 2017

August Favs 2017

giveitaspin August favs 2017


Giveitaspin is relaxing behind the August sun, so pick up some favs Niki just discovered for your summer long days and nights!


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Heather Trost – Agistri

In case you’ll visit Agistri this year! A Hawk And A Hacksaw and Beirut’s vocalist, violinist and string arranger Heather Trost shines in a solo debut album of classic ‘60s sounding folk-pop psychedelia! Find more info on the album here.

Batts – Little White Lies

Batts aka Melbourne-based Tanya Batt released her previous single For Now in March stating it was the first song of her new sound. Here is her second release Little White Lies to solidify the change in sound! Take the pressure off with some mesmerizing music from down-under!

“Little White Lies just came out all at once, it’s about how pretty much every interaction with anyone seems to be filled with these little white lies, whether it’s just easier to reply ‘Good’ when someone asks you how you are, or being late and making up a little white lie to cover your back. The world is filled with them and I don’t think we even realise we are doing it anymore, whether it’s a stranger or someone close to you, it just happens..” – BATTS


Joel Baker – Story ft. Abra Cadabra

Hotly tipped Nottingham born and raised singer songwriter and producer, Joel Baker shares the video for ‘Story’ featuring Abra Cadabra. Filmed in Stockwell and Tottenham, it’s the directorial debut for London’s go-to Grime photographer Vicky Grout. A catchy tune about relationships. Check out Revamped Recordings.

Retro Kid – Time Waster

Retro Kid returns with his latest single ‘Wasted Time‘. A folktronica scuzzy track with busy beats and a melodic vocal. It shakes it’s head at the “black tie” conformist, stating that money does not lead to happiness and fulfilment. The bottom line is… Drop that briefcase and live the life you want to!

Spectoral – Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Tears For Fears adaptation)

“…Sometimes we need to take a minute back for ourselves, before the end of days is here.” says Spectoral via his bandcamp page. It’s an instant favorite “adaptation” of the month. He turned the nostalgic original into a personal music dialect that pulls in everything from breezy chillstep to electronic future-soul. Find out more here.

Nick Shattuck – Come Get Ya

Born and raised in the blue collar Mississippi River communities of Western Wisconsin, Nick Shattuck adapted a bare bones, blues influenced honesty in his singing and songwriting from the start. Come Get Ya to spin this for sure.


Rmnce and Blues’ music fits well with the description! If you’re in for some hot pitched filaments that draw a lovers attention in the room, this smooth vibe will fill you up with the awareness of lights in your space plus you’ll be hearing the colours glittering away all night.

Pleasures – Lights Out

Pleasures the dark groove trio hailing from the swamplands of Florida, wander with their music in blistered cosmic orientation. Lights Out is trippy, slowed and stretched enough to let the euphoria in. The song is mixed and mastered by legendary Jack Endino (Nirvana – Bleach). Perfect doses of psyched out waveforms with a few dabs of electronic based lights bulbs switching on and off. I’ve had a long time to fall on an abstract semi-rock-prog-y breakthrough full of pure energy from another dream world. Perhaps there is magic out there after all, even when the lights are out. Cool video from the coolest band out there!

Dazed N’ Confused – Cigarettes, Cheap Wine and Rock N’ Roll

Brisbane based Dazed n’ Confused bring back the passionate sounds of the 70s, 80s, 90s and classic rock. The track actually reminds me of my uni years jammin’ around with my band. Truthful fun in patterns we love. Would enjoy these guys on stage any time!

Blossom & HOT16 – Loves Coming

Up-and-coming Portland soul sensation Blossom and Liquid Beat producer HOT16 come together for “Tease“. The album represents Blossom’s debut full-length and HOT16’s biggest collaborative undertaking to date. Loves Coming surely sticks out of the pack! More info here.

Tanya Morgan – Trunk Sh*t

Tanya Morgan are back on their “Trunk Shit” in their new video, which is brimming with bravado-laced bars from Von Pea and Donwill, with a bass-rich instrumental supplied by AEON for The Lessondary. The banger stems from their highly anticipated new album, YGWY$4 (You Get What You Pay For). Dopeness!

On-Ly – b u kno

The one and On-Ly on a debut journey of jazz, beats and Rhodes. The Purple LP is here.

Jailbox – Whole

Whole” is a single from St. Louis collective Jailbox, featuring a sense of elegance and powerful emotion. The Missouri-based group came together to create what feels like a tightly-knit acoustic, percussive story. Channeling a relatable ‘what could have been’ structure, “Whole” serves as a penchant reminder of the timeless feeling that some thing’s can’t be realized in true value until they are no longer present.

Flash Trading – Acceleration

Flash Trading is a balearic acid sophistihouse project from Brooklyn. They make music that is as inspired by the modern underground electronic scene in Brooklyn, embodied by the already legendary Bossa Nova Civic Club, as it is by the music that found its home at Manchester’s The Hacienda in the 1980s and 90s. With music made entirely from analog hardware and singer Monae Freeman’s sublime vocals, Flash Trading reevaluates the arbitrary lines that have been drawn between electronic and indie music. TAG OUT the track or buy limited merch here.

JSPH – Better

Better has a subtle build to an emotional chorus. JSPH is poised to make strides in 2017!

Pop Cautious – Become (Live at No Name)

POP CAUTIOUS is the creative persona of Texas-born and raised singer-songwriter,
Tyler Porterfield. Against anatmospheric palette of mandolin, woodwinds and acoustic guitars, his eloquent vocals and cinematic songs acknowledge the deep heritage and essential inspiration of American music. It’s not the genre of music, but more like philosophies and Pop Cautious has me naturally thinking with grand pretention. Jose Gonzalez would stake out this intimacy.

Pipo Romero – Sentimento (Tarantella)

Pipo Romero is a young but outstanding composer as well as a magnificent guitar player from Cádiz, Spain. His unique playing style – labeled by some experts as “Spanish Acoustic Fingerstyle” – has made him a guitarist to watch in the coming years. After leaving the audience stunned at the Guitar Bcn 2017, in Madrid as well as in Montreal, Canada, he has just signed with Sony Music and on the 1st September 2017, his first album Folklórico will be released by Legacy (Sony Music Spain). Must listen it’s full of passion!

Mina Rose – Lemons and Limes

Mina Rose reveals her frutitfull debut track, ‘Lemons and Limes‘, a colourful yet cutting compound of trip-hop, dub, hip-hop and vivid contemporary pop. Whilst wider influences range from Outkast and Gorillaz to Gil Scott Heron, ‘Lemon & Limes’ was particularly inspired by reggae legend Smiley Culture, observing this lack of change in the relationships between the police and the youth. She also runs her own online vintage clothing shop, Girl Down Brockley, and has been sampled by lifelong hero Tricky after he stumbled across her online! Keep an eye out for amazing news here.

Run DMT – Analogue Noir

In 2010, John D. Robbins aka RUN DMT began a journey that spanned over 2 albums, many major remixes and festival appearances, and support from some of electronic music’s biggest names. In 2017, RUN DMT returns with his signature heavy bass licks and “anything goes” approach to DJing and producing on his new album, Revolutionaire. Inspired by a fictional city on the brink of destruction and the positive forces that emerge to free the minds of the people, RUN DMT is combining his love for music and cinema into his greatest release yet. Analogue Noir flourishes in tunefulness!

Water Slice -Dream State

Water Slice is a conglomerate of local LA band members from Gardens and Villa, James Supercave, A Sunny Day in Glasgow, and AAN. They played Treefort Music Festival earlier this year where they opened for Mac Demarco and have been recording music for an upcoming EP at Frog Sound Studios with Adam and Chris from Gardens and Villa producing. It’s an alternative “Sha La La” epiphany on my music plate.

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