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October Favs 2017

October Favs 2017


It’s your favorite time of the mid-month. Giveitaspin is in Orange October mode, so pick up some favs Niki just discovered for your early Autumn escapades!


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*Random track order below – linked URLs to listen/buy/support the bands/artists/independent creativity


RobertWars & LazyKalle – TR5

Berlin based RobertWars uses his SP and MPD to produce raw and classic sounds while the Dresden/Leipzig producer-trio LazyKalle (LazyE, Vaddi Hartmann and MiLch) go for authentic lo-fi sounds from the SP. What you’re spinning is TR5 taken from their recent “Resample” album out on Wax Addicts Records. The full album consists of 26 short, elliptical – shimmering diamonds on the top of the almost hazy instrumental sea. This is lo-fi, hip-hop at it’s best. Their endless nights full of feelings, jammin’, keyboards, synths and playing with buttons, pay off – right now, where you’ll be seeking the vinyl limited edition of 500 copies. From Tonald Dump to Last Bump and beyond the tracks unfold mature caustic humor, sensuality and aspire magical serenity. If you love samples this is dope!

Young Mergs – Swimming Thoughts

Young Mergs states on the creative collective PlusTRBE page: “This is a track where I delve into my psyche, viewing all of my thought patterns and feelings about the present and what is to come. A soulful rendition of my mind’s contents.” Indeed, Swimming Thoughts is truly a conscious masterpiece of Young Mergs heartful skepticism, featuring also DiamantBallou’s lustful deep stylistic vocals. If you’re searching for common platitudes full of declarative – our-/now-ness, this music world is our kaleidoscope, and the lyrics, a mirror of unique vision and lo-fi empathy.

Henrik Lindstrand – Enghave Lys

Enghave Lys is the first song taken from Lindstrand’s solo debut Leken. It’s a circle that closes or opens as how you see it, after forty years, finding him re-seated in front of his childhood-home piano in Sweden. A personal document just with a beautiful piano as a sound source. As a former member of rock band, Kashmir and also a film composer Henrik Lindstrand knows his way through Nordic melancholy, creating a cinematic and daydreaming universe for his listeners. It’s not contemporary recurring patterns rather than a musically themed booklet of life learned photographs on melodic film. Moments that come expressively to life as you hear the piano breath every second from his fingertips.Thank you for this life picture Henrik, it is born to live through our ears today.

Glitches – Full Genius

Glitches are to return with their debut album, ‘Lost Language’, on Friday, November 10th. It is an album of intimate reflection capturing the raw fragility of emotions experienced by lead singer Robbie Parks, who’s lyrics both earnest and honest, sluice over compelling melodies. The trio, formed of Parks, Michael O’Neill and James Warner, explains that the album is “an honest and raw account of the universal arc of love, from hope to the last stages of collapse. When we agonize too much over something precious, we can destroy it.” Produced by Joe Kearns, who has previously worked with Florence and the Machine and Kasabian, Glitches have been championed as a contemporary take on Roxy Music, combined with the tenderness of R&B duo Rhye. Feel the solemnity mist through the beautiful track of Full Genius, as for the videography is conceptualized by Josh Armitage.

James Chatburn – Darling I Missed Your Call

Darling I Missed Your Call is a collage of sound combining rough synth bass, gritty guitars, playful trumpet lines and a hard-hitting beat, resulting in a steady groove. As the pulse moves on the music constantly warps and changes, in a layering, and then dispersing of musical textures and motifs. The Prince-inspired beat is topped off with simple, yet impressive vocals from Chatburn, as he effortlessly moves back and forth between his signature falsetto. You first read about him on giveitaspin hereDamen is an EP which begins with James’ Soulection 6th Birthday compilation addition. Reach out to him here. Oh, and please call again!

Jairus “J-Mo” Mozee feat. Brooke Jean – Mid Night Blue

Jairus is a newcomer on giveitaspin. But that doesn’t mean a thing. Actually the opposite We’ll be cherishing his tunes from now on and forever. The two times Grammy Nominated, Producer and Songwriter J-Mo has crafted a moonlit mid night blue vibe for you to rhythmically align your groove with. Brooke Jean’s stunning voice as a guest surely drifts us away too.

Bayou – Dream

Bayou is a producer/multi-instrumentalist currently located in London. He wrote Dream over a 6 months period incorporating elements from various genres (another genre-full mate, yeah!). Sweeping orchestral movements, tone-fuelled guitar solos and vocal sampling on this journey of the subconscious. And all of the above to create a chilled out and relaxed track with a solid beat for your ears only.

Tega – Melanin

Tega aka Joseph Ewatuya has just released the first single off upcoming album BODY. Melanin is for anyone who feels like they’re too much, or not enough says talented Tega. An inviting soul artist with those great jazz (yes, we can hear a strange-fruit at the end of the track), hip-hop and rnb influences, BODY will explore the physical attachment to one’s body and be learning how to love it. Last but not least he also advocates for Sickle Cell Anemia Awareness. What’s not to love? Tega’s voice brings atmospheric quality to the plate while raising significant humane questions. Please, will someone from an ECM sub-label fall on this chap?

Tania Ilyashova – Pull Me Closer

Tania’s first EP Travelling Light is out on iTunes, for all the neo-soul/jazz/pop lovers. In Pull Me Closer we run into a story about Love and growing apart.

Robotikus – Blame It On The Devil

ROBOTIKUS is an Australian electronic duo consisting of Adam Kleist and Scott Targett. Their music is influenced by the Disco, Funk, and House pioneers of the 1970’s & 80’s. “Blame It On The Devil,” features a groovy beachside guitar riff with precise electronic production, jazzy keys, and a rhythmic falsetto vocal. Find it on the Casablanca Sunset label. It’s a killer on the dancefloor and a radio day and night friendly track you must have on repeat.

Hart – L’amour

Upcoming female electronica producer HART samples the sounds of retro, nostalgic pieces of history mixed with boom bap drums and a melodic tone to carry it through. Read more on her fresh profile via the ill website.

Violentlyill – Epiphany

Hey, glad you discovered how much we love ill Records! Here comes violentlyill with some classic dreamy boom-bap hip-hop pointing steadily at 85bpm. More info here.

Haulm – They Came Along

Haulm is a collaboration between vocalist/composer, JT Norton, and electronic producer, Reed Kackley. They’ve just released this debut single track out on Grand Jury Music and it’s a slow burner, filled with barks and chirps ‘n intimate tech minimalism. “We are losing our heads” over it…. on repeat. Both acoustic and atmospheric qualities meet strong bpm that collide in a space of dwelling and carefree mysticism.

Ro Spit & 14KT (RSXGLD) – I Believe (feat. JMSN)

Detroit duo’s anticipated debut LP, RSXGLD, rapper Ro Spit and producer 14KT deliver the cinematic new video for the project’s debut leak, “I Believe.” It’s a revelation! The first half of the visuals, which were directed by Perry Grone, focus on a seemingly distraught Ro who has made his way back home following a robbery alongside KT. As the emcee delivers his rhymes and examines his body, he remembers leaving his RSXGLD partner lying face down in the street. The rest is yours to find out…

Makeness – Loud Patterns

Makeness creates epicness! That’s why Kyle’s the last orange cherry on our pie playlist today! If signing to Secretly Canadian doesn’t get you excited (shame on you), then the video above will, including his intricate, ghostly vocals that turn on and off electronic switches to the bone. Make some noise and giveitaspin, it’s promising, an ongoing progressive climax that rumbles onto the future electronic club floors.

Thank you for reaching to the bottom of this genrefull post! Support your local music, behind every track is a person/people that make it happen for you!

Follow giveitaspin on Mixcloud (podcasts – giveitaspin radio show on Paranoise Radio), SoundcloudYoutube and Spotify as the playlist grows on every platform each day with hand-picked goodies that move our musical soul!

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