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Upstate Rubdown – Nobody

Upstate Rubdown – Nobody

Photo by Matt Dayak

Hudson Valley’s Acoustic Septet Upstate Rubdown will harmonically cheer your lonesome blues away, just with a touch of Nobody sliding through your hearing.


When you need to pull out of situations, you also need to put yourself in the situation. Losing no time, as you appreciate American flavors and get to the end of the track, it dramatically changes from Nobody to Somebody’s importance. It’s A Remedy of Upstate Rubdown, these guys n gals really know how to grow tunes on you with a very idiosyncratic style. An admirable encapsulation of their musical art can be found half in equal parts of instrumentation (Harry D’Agostino – upright bass, Ryan Chappell – mandolin, Dean Mahoney – cajon, Christian Joao – flute -alto/baritone-saxophone) and the dynamic rhythm section of a stunning three-part vocal synergy (Mary Kenney, Melanie Glenn, Allison Olender). Nobody is your sunshine on a rainy day, however, legendary Joe Lovano’s guesting on tenor sax will paint you a rainbow to go with.



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