#giveitaspin July Playlist 2018


Well, it’s getting hot in the city, I know you are heading out wherever you are to take a breath of fresh summer air. So why not kick in a playlist with some great tracks? Giveitaspin has it all fixed up. Stay tuned and share the love!

  • Dec Rocs – Use to darkness
  • Golan – Rocket Love (feat. Island Chain)
  • Minor Rain – Purple Waves
  • Pablo Nouvelle – I’m not (feat. Lulu James)
  • Loframes – Fire of Love
  • Em Flach – Embrace
  • Eykial – Temptation
  • Valley Latini – Pay My Rent
  • Sergei – Damage
  • Late Night Episode – Start Over
  • Dewy McGill – Feel the Love (feat. Thir13een)
  • Saint Nomad – El Dorado
  • Febueder – Then There Were Two
  • Kronos – Love
  • Simon Pianta – Market Moves

Des Rocs – Use to the darkness

This song is about the ways we get through some of the darkest times in our lives. The second single from New York native Des Rocs is finally here! Catch them on Facebook and Soundcloud. Their “theatrical” heart is pretty cool I say. Wouldn’t My Brightest diamond be a perfect duet fit for them?

Golan – Rocket Love (feat. Island Chain)

How about we just mute the world and go on a trip to the stars and back. GOLAN  a three-piece band based in Bucharest is creating the electronic dreamy chills for tons of crowds in and out of Romania. Keep up with the live concert dates here.

Minor Rain – Purple Waves

Loodma Recordings is always on our list if we want to relax and seize the days or nights. Minor Rain is creating a blissful soundtrack for a road trip into the unknown. Dare to find out! Check his stimulating website for news here. If the musical waves were indeed purple the sight would be just amazing!

Pablo Nouvelle – I’m not (feat. Lulu James)

This track just lifts up the inner soul. It’s a passage through the light to find your way in any conditions. Meditative on all soulful and electronic-wise levels it had to be on our soundtrack of July! Keep up with Pablo here.

Loframes – Fire of Love

Anglo-French Loframes burn it up in their fresh nu-disco way. You also have to look out for the Cookie Records  (yummy!) compilation, Crispy Groove they have a new track there also! Featuring the likes of Patawawa, Sacre, Les Hiboux and many more it’s a great compilation of nu-disco, electronica and left field pop that marks the start of a beautiful journey for this fresh label in the scene. Follow Loframes on facebook.

Em Flach – Embrace

There is a deeper meaning to our ears and we Embrace it as a slice of time in motion.  Em Flach releases first EP #LDKS: a melodic blend of hip-hop, down-tempo beats and piano combining to form a sound for the new age. Aussie EF’s alter-ego is inspired by his Grandmother from the Netherlands, where at the time she supported her husband working for the Dutch Resistance against the Nazi Regime. Super-heroes all the way!

Eykial – Temptation

For the sake of music, we still remain in Australia. Two polar opposite kids from my home-town Sydney have been drawn together by their goal of making a new genre of music and creating a sound unheard of. I think the task is done! There is nothing like it!

Valley Latini – Pay My Rent

New Yorker Valley Latini has just sprung out, pouring heartbreaks and highs everywhere. Hell yeah, we need someone to pay the rent for us too. With you girl! We just need a vacation! Follow the Valley here.

Sergeï- Damage

French-Russian producer Sergeï, dives us into a vein acid-disco / nu-disco beach, which becomes, a true sound signature.  Sergei’s DNA is sublimated in this Damage, a bridge between the instrumentations of the great mid-70’s disco/funk ensemble and the current electronic music. Effective & fun like a Todd Terje’s track, this title is a real “floor filler”.

Late Night Episode – Start Over

I have a crush with all the energy entangled in this track. In 2017 LNE started over. They dropped their production company and drove across the country to a small house in LA and recorded debut album Golden Age. Check them out  here!

Dewy McGill – Feel the Love (feat. Thir13een)

 Dewy is amazing! Soulful-hip hop vibes with trumpet infused spirit, that’s really the best version of chill for today. Feel the love hereYogmatic is Dewy McGill’s debut album, featuring production from some of the world’s most respected independent producers. You can download it for free, however, send out those fan vibes to Australia any way you can.

Saint Nomad – El Dorado

I don’t know how tasty those Nachos are however this track has just got me singing El Dorado all day long finding out all about treasures and myths! The all brothers band grew up listening to 90s Russian Rockstars and we share the same love for Tame Impala and Phantogram!! They have made way to my musical heart. Album Memento Mori will be out in August so you can keep up with the news here.

Febueder – Then There Were Two

Ascot duo Febueder shows their beauty in avant-indie classification of the track ‘Then There Were Two’. It’s a short song I wish it could go on forever. The spellbounding official video directed by Jane Qian is a dance between the comfort of the known and the expanse of the unknown and an acknowledgement of the path which accompanies each. Truly sophisticated with pure balance these guys are on my radar for a hot July talent.

Kronos – Love

This track is taken from the EP: Love, Peace, Dreams and Stars, these elements all go full circle in our daily lives. Inspiration throughout the vibes, narrative assurance through spoken word, Kronos is here in orbit with us.

Simon Pianta – Market Moves

I’ve saved this precious jazzy jelly bean for last as it’s a favourite! Melbourne musician Simon Pianta has released his debut recording “Gradations” which is a solo saxophone album. His creativity and compositional style are showcased through his innovative blending of alto saxophone with guitar pedals. Dive deep!




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