Hauschka the “Curious”

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Hauschka plays a long mystical chapter in my life, my fingers always run through his discography at home for those “alone” times. It’s for all those moments you breathe in memories and share also with others. As he, so am I, still Curious about the music surroundings.

The first thing that struck my mind with his new track, is an intimate reason for purity in clean piano keys rather than some playful distortion made esoterical eruption. It all clears up through the feelings, being lost and found under the whimsical space of huge branches collaging the bold skies.  It’s an anticipating album as we glimpse a single of it,  full of nature, in an enchanting musical forest. The brilliant Oscar-nominated composer and experimental pianist Volker Bertelmann is releasing in February 2019 a first on Sony Classical A Different Forest. Until then we are still Curious

With Curious, there is a pause after the first 20 seconds. This originated from the live recording, because as I played through the opening motive, I realised that I had to start the piece anew. But I ended up retaining this “false-start” in the final mix, because I wanted to show the development process.

A Different Forest Tracklist

1. Hike
2. Dew and Spiderwebs
3. Talking to my Father
4. Urban Forest
5. Hands in the Anthill
6. Curious
7. Ghosts
8. Bark and Moss
9. Skating Through the Woods
10. Daybreak over Covent Garden
11. Everyone Sleeps
12. Woodworkers
13. Another Hike

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