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Glom – Stuck

Glom – Stuck

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Glom is a Brooklyn based indie/alternative rock band that just released their second single “Stuck” from their upcoming debut LP in July.

I just love this track from the first of seconds. Especially feeling “stuck” in everyday shitty situations, it really puts a smile on my face when I put my headphones on. I believe it has that 90s jangly glaze infused right from the beginning so I feel attached to it. The band founders Sean Christian and Peter Warren along with Jonathan Harwood and Sahil Ansari grew up playing music together so the ingredients of a true music friendship are on the plate.  Fifth member “Johan” Crandall adds up the synthesizer and tambourine. Feel free to blast your stereo with Glom and more glam! Viva la -sticky- revolution!  Keep up with the news here.

“Stuck” is about a place most that most people have been. Rather than referring to a literal location, “Stuck” is explores the headspace that is reached when a relationship grows resentfully stale, yet complacent, and the fear of the unknown that keeps both parties invested begrudgingly. As the song builds, the protagonist reaches their breaking point and decides to move on. Peter Warren’s vocal performance starts off relatively tame, and builds in intensity until the song reaches its climax.

Peter explains that, “As much as Stuck focuses on a relationship, I think its message can be applied to any sense of stagnancy, or the feeling that you’re living in the past. To me, more than any other song on the album, it sounds like a song that could have come out in the 90s, a decade that, for us millennials, is connected to nostalgia, or to longing for some ideal time that’s faded away. In that way, the song honors the past in its composition and production, but encourages growth and detachment in its lyrics.”

Listen to more tracks on La Reserve Records!

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