The power of Tess Posner’s ‘Supernova’ on International Women’s Day remains forever!


You can try to hurt me, but I am bigger than you ever imagined, and my inner strength is like the brightness of 10 billion suns.

Tess Posner is a glorious Oakland based singer-songwriter by music love and a social entrepreneur & CEO of AI4ALL by day. She’s involved in a million things though just at the glance of it! As an activist, she supports women and under-represented communities and that’s exactly what comes with Supernova today. Released on International Women’s Day  “the song is meant to honor the courage and bravery of those who identify as women, trans or non-binary who are coming forward” in her words. Learn more about the lyrics and the track here.

If Massive Attack hanged out with London Grammar and Zero 7 perhaps Posner would be somewhere in the middle of things, roaring away passionately into the nu trip-hop / electro scene. Self & social empowerment needs a lot of inner strength, however once helping others the forces multiply. It’s so great to see talented people in their day/music jobs giving out so much of their creativity, that we can fully understand! From the #metoo movement to the next, we follow Tess as our bright star shining away. This track is in for serious replays!

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