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This Week’s Best Cover Tracks

This Week’s Best Cover Tracks

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Welcome to this week’s Best Cover Tracks, a roundup of the most intriguing incoming alternative takes. Every now and then we’ll recommend new or past releases that get to our ears. We have picked out some all-time favorites with a ‘spin’ and it feels very special.


YUNGBLUD, Halsey ft.Travis Barker – 11 Minutes (Thanasis Vaharelis ft. Stella Demertzi)

I wasn’t expecting this impeccable cover from Thanasis Vaharelis, an uprising artist from Greece that loves to put a spin on popular songs, and even writes his own escapades in Greek mode (for example “Γιατί ο Έρωτας…”). For a first duet attempt with Stella it was quite emotional and I love both of their vocal capabilities that add a personal quote to the original track. Let’s wish the best for Thanasis and his music! Feel free to stroll on his Youtube , Twitter, Facebook and Instagram page.


The Cranberries – Dreams (Tyto Alba/Oxeye Daisy)

The whole world of spins is missing Dolores’ voice! Local Denver bands Tyto Alba and Oxeye Daisy teamed up to cover Dreams by the Cranberries in memory of Dolores O’Riordan, who recently passed away. The track is recorded live at the CPR Open Air studio in Denver, CO. It’s like a big bowl of chocolate chip & mint ice cream, marshmallow music notes, and unicorn caramel popcorn! Dream big and indie people! What a wonderful delight for a cover!


Amy Winehouse – Back To Black (Tiphanie Doucet)

This track pays homage to Amy Winehouse! Such a delicate cover! Tiphanie Doucet is a French artist based in New York and her music karma has got her very far… she deserves every cell of your attention.  She also usually plays cover tracks as a full-time job helping her to keep creating original music. If you are another person waiting for a cover track album with her vocal wine stay close and there will be a recording EP released in May!


Massive Attack – Teardrop (we are the brave)

Love is a “doing” word and so is music. We are the brave created a champion cover with respect to Massive Attack! This could go on for days and nights with one breath. Australian born and London based artist Jess Chalker will make your jaw drop with her alt-pop project in no time. An LP is expected later in 2019/early 2020. Until then our imagination will fly to the heaven of covers! Find out more here. I just got the shivers from the very beginning. Something massive will happen for these guys soon! All the best from us!


Blondie – Heart of Glass (Evalyn)

“This song was put out via FRTY FVE records in the UK as part of a compilation celebrating International Women’s Day. As part of this collaboration, a number of female acts covered songs by iconic female performing artists in order to shine a light on the representation of women in the music industry. Evalyn chose to cover Blondie’s Heart of Glass because Debbie Harry was knocking down the walls of the boys club in the 70’s. Her punk rock legacy opened doors for women in music and paved the way for so many female identifying recording artists who came after her.” Sorry I had to quote all this amazing info! And then dance my socks off!


Cocteau Twins – Cherry Coloured Funk (Lee Triffon & Roy Regev)

I’m really comfortable with covers. Especially when it concerns some of my favorite artists! This is a unique aspect ratio of fun vs artistic approach. The track uses Elektron drum machines, old Roland synths (SH101, Juno 60) as well as new innovative vocal plugins by Polyverse. Yes for us it’s ok to play around. Although the original will always stay close to our hearts. Triffon and Regev have collaborated on this warm and open-minded synth project and we can’t wait to hear more from Meditate EP soon. The bar is set high and will make you want to go down on memory lane. Follow up with the news here.  Sneak peek the video here.


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