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Beverly Kills release ‘Revellers’ and debut their LP on Australian label Hell Beach

Beverly Kills release ‘Revellers’ and debut their LP on Australian label Hell Beach


Beverly Kills are creating an indie/post-punk hype around their name. Actually, they are Gothenburg’s up and coming bands to be on your list since last year. A spot in Viva Sounds festival and this year’s by:Larm Festival shows us the hard work they are putting into their vibes. Revellers single is shorter than expected and very dynamic just like a wonderful alternative rainbow, a bliss of guitars and hazy vocals swishing us away. Although there is a deeper meaning underneath. Their debut physical release ‘In This Dim Light/Melodrama’ (limited edition 7”) vinyl is through Australian Indie label Hell Beach. My favorite part of the track is the guitar licks, after the main chorus. It just wants you to run forever, into the dark-alternative side of music!

The idea behind the lyrics came out of a spiraling, weird thought that John had after reading about the increasing numbers of the ‘Bystander Effect’ in Sweden. This got John thinking about a potential world where we’ve killed off everything and everyone just to satisfy our need to see deathand chaos, “until there’s nothing left to kill but ourselves”. ‘Revellers’ clearly demonstrates Beverly Kills song writing prowess and further establishes their emergence in the ever-exciting Gothenburg indie scene.

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