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Riverkid is ‘Made 4 U’!

Riverkid is ‘Made 4 U’!

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Mellow and atmospheric, ‘made 4 u‘ is a beautiful lofi/chillhop track that encapsulates the vibes on riverkid’s forcomthing beat tape ‘dreams&memories‘.

Sydney based riverkid is leaving his landmarks in the art of sampling. Snippets of speech and the crackling of vinyls carefully assemble the most mesmerizing nostalgia in a chillhop manner. It’s like Dj Shadow and The Avalanches made a baby. That kid – riverkid is now growing up with the values of continuity and a need for evolution. Made 4 U is dreamy and a total lofi Houdini of sounds and sensations!

riverkid is releasing a beat tape in January 2020. It features beautiful strings, chimes, harps, woodwinds, guitars and pianos drawn from stacks of old vinyl, along with found-sound dialogue and home recordings. Stay tuned!

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