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This Week’s Best Tracks!

This Week’s Best Tracks!

Welcome to this week’s Best Tracks on Every now and then we’ll recommend new or past releases that grabbed our attention. Niki has picked out her favorites with a ‘spin’ and it feels so cool for a warmful winter feast. So here it is! Share the music and spin the love, mates!

Enjoy the atmosphere!

RUN is an avant-gardist pop track revealing an intense and threatening atmosphere with feelings of power and lost trust. The song is TENNIN’s fourth single.

Sentimental as paradise!

Falling is about every aspect of falling in love with someone. From the first day/week/month where you enjoy every day to the part where you second guess everything. It’s the stage before entering a relationship.

It was all a dream!

Reve Kalell is an artist and creative hailing from the mountains of Colorado. This record is the first release of what is going to be an eventful 2020 for the newcomer. The nostalgic vibes are reminiscent of early releases from Drake and J Cole.

A wonderous equation of tech house!

In 2016 Dimitrov renounced his Russian citizenship and moved to the United States. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY studying acoustic theory and time-harmonic equations under renowned audio scientist, Agathe Alt.

Beautiful Intensity Boost!

Everything’s connected – individual and society, music and aesthetics, composition, and deconstruction. It’s impossible to ignore the bigger picture and ÄTNA is a band that includes this understanding deep into their artistic DNA.

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