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How Transparent Man changed the way we listen to “Shame”

How Transparent Man changed the way we listen to “Shame”

There is music that navigates towards self-definition.

Stavros Papadopoulos is a Transparent Man. His solo debut EP Shame pulls together all sorts of constructed soundscapes. How long did it take to improvise? When raw feelings don’t hold back from soulful delicacy, in comes the hazy electronica. This EP shifts in a heightened experience of what we are all searching for within. Alone or together, the breathless moments create our larger environment of connections. Shame is ever-evolving through its intimacy to a level of compassion and solitude. How so? Self-consciousness of the artistic persona Transparent Man engages with experimental music fragments.


It’s a shame… We let others decide our future, we are afraid of expressing our feelings, we don’t act when we want to.

My Good Man is a panopticon of beats and cinematic accomplishment peaking through friendship, pain, and tragedy. Samples within are taken from this glory film shot.

Who was that girl in my dream? unfolds a dancing architecture, a physical experience of touch we are missing today in the urban density and tension of ex-quarantine (?). Letting the subconscious flow seems like the best scenario.

So? is an existential beauty that’s figuring out the building blocks through Maria Zlatani’s twilight atmospheric vocals. The track itself is the meaningful heart of Shame EP.

I Don’t know releases the tension. It’s calm although there is wakening aggression. There is more to bleeps than we know it. We are philosophers, activists, and artists. We breathe in all battles. So I do know. Are we mechanical or fit together as we lay our ears on a field of tunes?

First no in the rhythm of human existence.

If we lack answers we keep on asking the questions. It is time for experimental movement, lighting up the desires of fragile music collective spaces. We will manage. In Shame we become companions, leaving the odd feelings out. Open up your heart and find the limited edition eco-friendly tape on Logarithm Cassette Label at an excellent price. Thessaloniki for the win!

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