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AJIMAL – I’ve Known Your Heart

AJIMAL – I’ve Known Your Heart

Love, an emotion of the moment, but infinitely, permanently woven into the fabric of space/ time. A blessing, wholly, in its depth of expression, bringing alive the most expressive aspects of consciousness as we know it; alas, too, the most prominent source of curses, tears, fears, hates, sufferings, wars…

A broad, encompassing pathos, ranging a spectrum of sentiments & passions, ‘I’ve Known Your Heart‘, the latest release from AJIMAL, offers rafts of perceivable moods for the listener to indulge in, relative to their own, personal experience. With exceptionally striking vocals, sitting somewhere between Jeff Buckley, Morrissey, Smokey Robinson, & Sigur Ros, one is immediately drawn in by the weight of the performance. Not to be neglected, the textural, acoustic piano chords & arpeggios entwine with synth-laden underpinnings; simultaneously unique & original, riding the rhythm & dynamics of the drums, each full of life, telling their singular view of the greater story.

Animated & directed by Alex Moy, the accompanying video is of equal ground in its heightened artistic achievement; rich with authenticity & subtle, inventive quirk, the visual narrative remains fully true to the greater composition.

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