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Fowl Science – Samsara

Fowl Science – Samsara

The cycle of life & death might be most evident when we recognize it within the conscious moment; the here & now. Fowl Science stirs up an epiphany within the depths of metempsychosis via their most recent composition, ‘Samsara‘, a transcendent piece awash with expressive texture & rich, genuine goodness.

Beginning with a gentle, minimal piano line before an ardent & sonically viscous layer of electric guitars comes crashing down, one is immediately struck by the dynamics; honest & heavy. A notable chord progression, the likes of which creates implied, underlying melodies & ghost notes, truly fills the room when harmonizing with synth strata, arpeggios, & the wonderfully subtle, low-key droning vox. “Waiting to cross the edge of time”, proclaims the chorus, while a refreshingly organic drum kit runs throughout, with a lively swing that is both so rare & sought after by modern rock standards, dynamics are pushed back/ forth, steering the mass toward the destination sought: the next life.

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