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Eyrnestine – Saturnday

Eyrnestine – Saturnday

Eyrnestine’s latest single release, Saturnday, thankfully leans on the delicious sounds of Retro-Soul, Nu-Disco, and R&B. A laidback flow can be identified in the track from the funky aficionado Maggie Earnestine Jefferson, the kind that gets your body moving into the right soulful direction. With an amazing vocal performance, the ‘vibrational being’ Eyrnestine accompanies our orbit on a feel-like-it’s Saturday time in space.  This track functions even better for you if you aspire to same influences such as Ella Fitzgerald, Erykah Badu, Paul Desmons, and Sade.  

This song is a representation of the thoughts that arise on weekend nights home alone when you would rather be with the one you’re craving . It’s an 80s retro wave vibe , a night time bop. I hope you enjoy , this is definitely a favorite record. – Maggie

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