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As we approach Valentine’s Day, we’re reminded of all things romance; be they for better or worse. Yet, no matter how much work one might put in, finding love is not something to achieve – it’s a matter of fate, & we are at the behest of any subsequent order/ chaos of the uni/multiverse. 

Lost One‘, the newest single from Canadian neo-soul artist Adria Kain, expresses these complex emotions to an exemplary degree. This is a whirlwind of love, loss, longing, & the movement between two intertwined souls, locked together amidst an uncertain destiny. One is reminded: we cannot control the actions of another; only our own reaction.  

Featuring a production style that calls to a beautiful 90’s R&B jam, though with enough progressivism & flair to be labeled ‘futuristic’, the engineering covers a pleasantly expansive territory. Melodies pull from those bluest of blue notes with effortless grace, adapting an otherwise complex display into a hook with enough commercial lean-to please even the narrowest of palettes. Kain’s voice steals the show here; an elegant tone & cadence of pure honesty & humanism, it is a conjurer of divine spells, channeled directly from the heavens. 

This is masterful work; original enough for an audial explorer, complex enough for a classicist, & pop enough for an American Idol viewer. A truly unique & appealing approach – this is the kind of creation that refreshes even the most jaded. 

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