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Cate Tomlinson – Notes App Apology

Cate Tomlinson – Notes App Apology

Cate Tomlinson - give it a spin

Cate Tomlinson is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter and performing artist from San Fransisco. Her music is a mix of pop, soul, and rock n roll influences, combined with her warm and emotional voice. Cate is a self-made artist currently based out of Boston and working her way to developing her voice and technique as an artist at Northeast University as a Music Industry major.

Notes app apology is a strong and sensual track describing a situation most have felt deep in their bones. Cate isn’t afraid to express herself and come out to the whole world with her feeling and emotions.

I love how every time I hear the song, I get captivated and really feel what she’s singing. I’m usually not a fan of using curse words in music, but the lyric “f*ck me over, it keeps me high” really speaks to my soul.

I believe Cate Tomlinson is an emerging artist with a lot to give to the music industry.

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