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Alvinos Zavlis – When I Think About You

Alvinos Zavlis – When I Think About You

‘Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.’ – Victor Hugo

Love comes in many forms, but the state of being ‘in love’ underpins some of the most intense of human emotions. Perhaps, when met with the opportunity for true love, it is best to just roll with it – but that doesn’t always come easy, & giving in to such feelings always has a price. Alvinos Zavlis reflects these complex sentiments through his latest creation, ‘When I Think About You’, with the subtle detail & precision of a true master craftsman.

Featuring tonal & melodic shifts as prominent & labyrinthian as the subject matter, each phrasing is an intricate web of expression. Drums roll between bars, with the lilt stutter-stepping effortlessly into polyrhythms & polymeters, as jazz piano chords harmonize along to synthesizer leads & arpeggios. The sonorous bass ultimately holds down the fort, acting as our anchor amidst a sea of mellifluous textures & grooves, while the phantasmagoric closing vocal samples set our heads to the heavens.

‘Jazz hop’, as I’ve been dubbing it these days, is an increasingly popular & complex genre, ranging from 1-2 SP500 work to full bands setting their best Coltrane to their best DJ Premiere; Alvinos Zavlis is an exciting, new, & interesting direction for this expanding style – follow further below:

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