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Funkonami – Time and Space

Funkonami – Time and Space

This tapped in the promo stream under ‘Study Beats‘ the other day. When I was in uni I suppose we used the term Chillout on the headphones before exam sessions, searching madly for tracks to inspire our tired minds. As things are taking course into the future, I understand that it is music ‘to get sh$t done‘ for the new gen.! Have I stepped on the right term? If you are motoring through mindless tasks in quarantine or just need a chill of hope, Greek based Funkonami’s latest bea(s)t will mend your soul. Driven by a retro-styled vocal sample, as if Barry White was an astroboy, it ponders on into infinity. Reminding us that we are always searching for connectivity among us. Created on the SP1200 its lifted from the upcoming new album  ‘Deep Into Space’, which is available to pre-order now on vinyl & cassette via Village Live Records.

// Find more info here, or listen to more music below!

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