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LoFi Travel x Tanya Gayvoronskaya x Roman Belikov – Chill Roma

LoFi Travel x Tanya Gayvoronskaya x Roman Belikov – Chill Roma

Late in the evening, rolling into the city; traffic lights run by in an aural haze, while the bridges & high-tower cityscapes lay backdrop. The driver beside you remains comfortable amidst the sea of automobiles, as is the common scenery in today‘s travels. ‘Chill Roma‘, the recent creation by LoFi Travel, Tanya Gayvoronskaya, & Roman Belikov, sets this mood in motion – the motion of movement – the destination: impermanence.

Roma is the name of the (trumpet player)’, replies LoFi Traveler, whenst questioned regarding the implication of Romani undertones in the music. And Roma delivers, with melodies captivating & head turning; fluidly soaring over the intricate & unique arrangements with ease, as each movement ricochets to the next surprising chordal turn. Still, rhythm & cadence define the composition, with the boom-bap North Star guiding the listener toward the ultimate destination: oneself.

A step above the cut; listen further below:



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