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Damien Sebe – A Goddess Is Watching Over

Damien Sebe – A Goddess Is Watching Over

Connecting with a Music Producer and Lo-Fi/Chilhop artist from South Africa

A Goddess is watching over by Damien Sebe sounds channeled from heaven. From the very first second, I was captivated by the angelic pads and the guitar. The sound of it reminds me of some retro artists as Santo & Johnny; the beautiful arpeggio and the progression are truly remarkable. It’s been a while since I haven’t heard such a unique melody combined with hip-hop beats.

The tune feels even more special when you read the story about it. Damien dedicates this song to a friend who passed away “Her absence is one that’s felt and makes you question a lot. Her beautiful energy was so unbelievable that one person could lift your spirit so much. It’s as if she was of a higher form. A Goddess that took human form”.

The song ends with sad chords on the piano in juxtaposition with the beginning, which sounds much more positive. I love how he closed the circle with similar song structures at the beginning and on the end of the song but with a different feeling.

He did a great job translating all his feelings to the song and freezing her presence on this beautiful tune forever.

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