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Kutiman – Surface Currents

Kutiman – Surface Currents

Draped with ambient atmospherics and dripping full-on modular experimentation Kutiman’s latest Surface Currents not only reveals a state of “Music for doing things” but a blissful territory of never-ending piano arpeggios. These arpeggios are sparkling between synth flutes, transcending siren sounds and gentle wooden percussions. 17-minutes of stretching creativity evolves into a state of calming and refreshing exploration, building up an impressive balance of tones and undertones. The track was composed and recorded at Kutiman’s home in the middle of the Negev Desert. Crushingly impressive, this flow indicates how Kutiman would like to leave us feeling ethereal, joyous, and shivering on the simple strings of the daily oasis meant to be found in our lives these distressful moments.

Not like anything we are used to from Kutiman. A far long run from Psychedelic Funk and Afrobeat from the last time I heard him live in Thessaloniki, Greece. Birds are chirping in the background, reminding us to cool down from the modern world’s anxieties and connect with the cosmos. This is a changing curve, a therapeutic marathon ambiance that elegantly shifts into a triumphant statement. Humanity is beautiful. And music has a piercing antidote to anything that brings you down. Enter the friendly soundscapes below, above any sea level, and beyond. Much love to you all this Friday!

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