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deo autem nihil – atmos

deo autem nihil – atmos

Grey, an abyss of nothingness & the chaos of life ad infinitum; a true blending of extremes. One meshed polarization, if you will – the welcome comfort of an unvarying, reiterative formula. For those of us contemplating these questions of the multiverse, deo autem nihil’s newest release, ‘atmos‘, captures the complex emotions with an exquisite accuracy & honest esprit.

A foggy, distant terrain; cumulonimbal cloud cover blanketing the flora, fauna, & microbiomes alike. The underlying, organic hum paints the backdrop with a welcoming brushstroke, allowing the heady synths to pour out their shapes & textures with a swift, luxuriant precision. Never too much, never too little. Only what is needed, as to allow the drift into cerebral reverie.

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