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Thomas James White – Blodyn

Thomas James White – Blodyn

The petals of a blossom slowly wither with the changing seasons, falling to the ground in decay. Cyclically, they feed the microbes for next year’s bounty, returning the energy from whence it came – such is entropy & life as we know it on planet earth: the death of one feeds the next.

Blodyn‘, Welsh Gaelic for ‘flower’, & the aptly titled instrumental piece from Thomas James White, is an ethereal & meditative masterpiece. An enchanting, all-live solo performance, the emotion of each note is captured within the key strikes, as the composition highlights an elaborately expressive minimalism. Mesmeric & endearing, one is transported to the far reaches of the mind, where an infinite, asomatous existence seems comforting, & the inevitable fatality of it all remains only a chapter in the greater story.

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