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Marlon McClain – Funkin Cause We Wanna

Marlon McClain – Funkin Cause We Wanna

In these days of existential dread, simple get-togethers like barbecues, cook outs, & generalized familial hangs feel all the more special. Sometimes we just need to forget our troubles for a while, get down to a solid groove, & laugh with a familiar face.

Marlon McClain’s ‘Funkin Cause We Wanna’ offers us just such an escape. With a heavy bass, thumping drum beat, & jazz-esque polyphonic pop melodiousness, there is both room for an avid music-mind to explore, or an easy escape for one to dance to. Co-written & produced by long-time collaborator Ralph Stacy, it’s clear this is the product of masterful composers, given the spectrum of influence, & the ability to assimilate complex movements into the world of catchy hooks. We, here, are grateful for such aesthetics; hats off to the creators.

Dive deeper & let your feet do the talking; & check out more of Marlon McClain’s fantastic catalog:


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