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Tim Sorbs – how many?

Tim Sorbs – how many?

Tim Sorbs -

Tim Sorbs is an indie artist based in Las Vegas Nevada. Besides music, Tim is also an advocate for mental health awareness/suicide prevention.

His music talks about his bizarre life experiences and travels and as I’m listening to the song how many? at the moment, I can feel that he channels all his passion into his music.

how many? is a really emotional song that manages to capture all of Tim’s pictures and feelings and puts them into your own imagination. It takes real talent to have lyrics so deep, yet so easy to picture and understand.

I honestly don’t know, if it’s the lyrics or music that’s making me love this. Musically, the song progresses from just a guitar and some vocals to a huge build-up with big drums and guitars strumming hard.

Tim’s music feels to me like an extension of his work as an advocate for mental health awareness, the songs are inspiring and full of positive vibes, something we definitely need at the time.

If you want to find out more about Tim Sorbs and his music, follow the links below:

All proceeds of this song go to the @jedfoundation.

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