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Apollo Rising – Where Are We Going

Apollo Rising – Where Are We Going

Apollo Rising -

Apollo Rising is an alternative electronic duo based in Ottawa, Canada.
The band consists of Danick Coutou (producer, pianist, and vocalist) and Colvin Gallant on the drums.

Both Danick and Colvin started their musical journey early in their lives.
Danic Coutou grew up in a home that housed an old slightly out-of-tune piano, and while this was not a top-of-the-line instrument, Danic was not discouraged and taught himself to play by ear. His passion and determination led him to pursue a post-secondary education from the Music Industry Arts Program at Algonquin College, focusing on audio engineering and music production. Colvin Gallant, on the other hand, grew up in a home full of musicians. His mom was a singer and his dad a guitarist. Eventually, Colvin picked up his drumsticks and hasn’t stopped playing ever since. When they met with Danic, Colvin was a part of multiple local Ottawa bands and the lead percussionist in his high school senior repertoire band.

Together now as Apollo Rising, they have accumulated more than 17k monthly listeners with over 3 million streams on their Spotify. Their sound is influenced by groups such as Twenty One Pilots, The Neighborhood, and artists such as Porter Robinson and Madeon.

Where are we going” released on February 12, 2022, is an Indie Pop Rock song with some electronic elements and a combination of fresh sounds and 80’s elements. To my ears, it’s a really great, radio-friendly track that can easily make it to the top of Indie charts all over.

Danic’s voice is not the usual voice you hear every day, unique timbre, articulate phrasing generating calm and happy vibes. Colvin also has his own signature sound in the drums with great chops and a groovy beat, combined with the excellent chord progression, “Where are we going” is one of the tracks that go straight to my playlists.

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