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Mark Lanegan – No Bells On Sunday

Mark Lanegan – No Bells On Sunday

2CD 2014 album from tireless US singer-songwriter (Queens Of The
Stone Age / Screaming Trees) featuring 10 new tunes including ‘Floor Of
The Ocean’ & ‘I Am The Wolf’ plus bonus EP ‘No Bells On Sunday’,
previously available as a digital-only release.
Disc 01: Phantom Radio
1. Harvest Home 3:16
2. Judgement Time 2:29
3. Floor of the Ocean 4:52
4. The Killing Season 3:46
5. Seventh Day 4:51
6. I Am the Wolf 3:42
7. Torn Red Heart 4:01
8. Waltzing In Blue 3:14
9. The Wild People 3:06
10. Death Trip to Tulsa 4:46
Disc 02: No Bells On Sunday EP:
1. Dry Iced 6:22
2. No Bells On Sunday 5:51
3. Sad Lover 3:40
4. Jonas Pap 2:34
5. Smokestackmagic 8:18


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