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FASMA Festival 2017 on track with a Milan Pre-event!
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Roleplay – My Sun
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Aonian – Ascent

FASMA Festival 2017 on track with a Milan Pre-event!

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Laying the foundations for cross-country collaborations, FASMA lands for the first time at the city of Milan, on Saturday the 18th of February 2017. 

Joining forces with the space for music and multimedia experimentation, Standards, via its residents the Milan organizers group S / V / N / Savana and sound art organization Frequente, it invites Valerio Tricoli, Heith and Kondaktor, in a night full of electroacoustic exploration.

Valerio Tricoli, a renowned Italian musician and sound sculptor, creates music from various sounds and works with analogue electronic instruments and tapes. His sets focus on the impromptu creation of a fractured and dynamic narrative, leading to a fascinating mixture of Musique Concrète and electroacoustics, as captured on his albums “Miseri Lares” and “Clonic Earth”, released by PAN.

Tricoli will be preceded by Heith, an experimental project of Daniele Guerrini, co-founder of Haunter Records. The intent of the project is to drench into a powerful engulfing atmosphere, channeling melancholia and tension, as moving energies. Guerrini’ s collaborator for the night will be Giulio Nocera, Neapolitan composer and improviser with a background in theatre and cinema. Giulio approaches music with the attitude of a director, considering the sound as a visual element.

Responsible for the opening set of the night will be Kondaktor, co-founder of the experimental label Modal Analysis and one of the most versatile DJs of the Athenian electronic music scene.

Valerio Tricoli (IT) 

Valerio Tricoli (Palermo, Italy, 1977) is a composer and performer of electro-acoustic music.

Since the mid ’00 is main instruments for live presentations is the Revox B77 reel-to-reel tape recorder, used as a completely analogue / ergonomic device for live sampling and real-time transformation / editing / mixing of pre-recorded (field or studio recordings) and made-on-the-spot sound sources, the latter usually being vocalizations (including speech and singing), small acoustic and electronic instruments, objects, the amplified sound of the room itself in which the concert takes place and – in the case of group sets – whatever is produced by the fellow musicians.

On a formal level his sets focus on the impromptu creation of a narrative which takes into account the multiple relations intervening between reality, virtuality and memory during the acoustic event: sounds are always hovering between the “here and now” of the concert situation and the shady domain of memory – distant but at the same time present like in a deja-vu experience. Privileging fracture over continuity and by the use of a dynamic range that could often jump suddenly from near-silence to extreme blasts of sounds, an almost tactile feeling of brooding tension is often attained.

His electro-acoustic studio compositions, documented on few records, are aligned to the tradition of Musique Concrète and explore themes of the internal – represented both by the psychological and the physical – and of the occult, which together with the large use of spoken text makes them often deeply existential works, self-investigations of the psychological, emotional and irrational horror within.

Over the years Valerio has been active in some long-term collaboration with other musicians, composers, choreographers and multimedia artists. He is a founding member of the italian avant-rock group 3/4HadBeenEliminated and has been working extensively with Thomas Ankersmit, Antoine Chessex, Werner Dafeldecker, Anthony Pateras, Robert Piotrowicz.

Heith (IT)

Heith is an experimental project by Daniele Guerrini, co-founder of Haunter Records and DJ resident of their events in Milan and around Europe.

Guerrini’s research drives through ambient, digital landscapes, concrete music and every kind of leftfield and deconstructed club music. The intent of the project is to drench into a powerful engulfing atmosphere, channeling melancholia and tension as moving energies.

Giulio Nocera is a neapolitan composer and improviser with a background in theatre and cinema. His research is mainly focused around the techniques of the musique concrete, dedicating a lot of time to listen, collect and archive sounds. As curator and organizer he is co-creator of the international music festival La Digestion that takes place in Naples. As a musician, he is half of the duo Les énervés (together with Renato Grieco) and has active collaborations with Daniele Guerrini (Haunter Records), Giovanni Lami, Cris X, Marco Clivati, Stefano Costanzo, SEC_, and is also part of an experimental-pop duo with the polish singer Mymi.

Kondaktor (GR)

A household name in the Athenian electronic scene and co-founder of the experimental/techno label “Modal Analysis”, Kondaktor has been playing music as a DJ for over a decade. His DJ sets vary from deep techno and dark soundscapes to funky beats and Chicago house tunes.

In 2012 he debuted as a producer for Seattle’s “Further Records”. Kondaktor has two upcoming releases in 2017, in British label “Where to Now?” and French “Abstract Reality”.

Venue info


Via Maffucci 26

20158 Milano

W: http://www.standardstudio.it/

Entrance fee: 5€

Entrance is reserved to cardholder members of Frequente or Terzopaesaggio organizations.

Card requests can be forwarded here:

Frequente: https://goo.gl/52dCmS

Terzopaesaggio: https://goo.gl/czvnlP

Membership cost is 5€ and card is valid for 2017

For more information about the festival, you can visit the following pages:

Website || http://fasmafestival.com/

Facebook || https://www.facebook.com/fasmafestival

Instagram || https://www.instagram.com/fasmafestival

Twitter || https://twitter.com/fasmafestival

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