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giveme5 best videos of the week | E01

giveme5 best videos of the week | E01


Handpicked for your video wall this week!

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Geoffroy – Sleeping On My Own


Last November Montreal based singer/songwriter Geoffroy and crew crossed the state of Oaxaca in just one week, passing through the mountain town of San Jose del Pacifico as well as other villages until they reached San Agustinillo on the coast. During this adventure, they experienced a temazcal, which is an ancient, local, spiritual tradition in which participants purify the body with medical plants. I loved the whole concept behind “Sleeping on My Own” which was filmed in beautiful Mexico. The track comes off “Coastline” album which will be released in March via Bonsound. Grab your copy hereGeoffroy owns his experimentation with his electronic elegance, which brings me closer to some James Blake anthems. Spin in the tune and put another pin on your musical map.

 He’s steadily on the top of his musical game, having already performed in Greece, Australia, and Thailand, opening also for artists such as Coeur de Pirate, Milk & Bone, Foxtrott, and Alex Nevsky. Keep an eye out for the king of chills.

isle&fever – Dime Piece (Josef Kenny Remix)

This fine disco “Dime Piece” came through our inbox with its own amazing pitch: “New music video. Song by LA artist(s), remixed by UK artist, video by Japanese artist”. I couldn’t agree more about the fantastic diversity that came together to light up my moving feet today. I hope you enjoy the fascinating vintage futuristic video that comes with Josef Kenny’s remixer stunts on isle&fever. How many days until we hit the beach guys ‘n’ gals? You can add the track on your Spotify and SoundCloud playlist for sure!


moon:and:6 – Apollo-Soyuz
Sometimes I daydream about flying into space. I know you do too! Canadian multi-instrumentalist moon:and:6 (aka Michael Chambers) is here to zoom us away with “Apollo-Soyuz” coming up from his debut album, “A Brief History of American Space Travel” (to be released on March the 31st) via my favorite Maisonneuve Music.  As you can tell, it’s 29 minutes in length orbit around the story of the American Space program from 1958 to 2011. Infused with French downtempo, 1990s post-rock, and the experimental nature of madmen like Brian Eno and Steve Reich it’s bound to be our best musical landing of the month!
For history’s sake the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, conducted in July 1975, was the first joint U.S.-Soviet space flight. The event symbolized the slow and gradual easing of political tensions between the two superpowers. The song “Apollo-Soyuz” in turn chronicles a careful collaboration between two opposing forces. Similarly, the music video uses the classical elements of earth, air, water, and fire to represent the theme of opposing forces coming together. I’m super excited about this album’s concept, just see for yourself, all the beautiful details included in this floating mayhem of vintage exploration! Catch moon:and:6 on Facebook, Bandcamp. Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify! He must be the most first-rate guy in a musical spacesuit, during our earthling years!

Bad Flamingo – Whiskey Lies

Bad Flamingo are the baddest and most beautiful musical souls let loose out on the Californian deserts, but hey their flaming “Whiskey Lies” also set foot on Nevada, Arizona, and Utah! What a way to make a western, shooting on Super8 film. We all love the looks of Saguaro Cactus in the background and the amazing Wild West, how about another round of drinks! The track is a mesmerizing debut and the first project on film, they drove 2300 miles over four states for this! Get used to #BadFlamingo and follow them on Facebook, Instagram , and the official website. I’m sure they have more stunning musical stories on the way! 

Sorry Girls – This Game

Sorry Girls just know how to have fun! “This Game” is a vibrant indie dream pop song from the upcoming Montreal duo consisting of singer/songwriter Heather Kirkpatrick and Producer/songwriter Dylan Konrad Obront. They love to infuse early spooky ethereal 80s pop and some 60s Motown flow to keep the love goin’. Nostalgic like a trip to the Luna Park with your love heart on the darts or with long-lost mates on the go-carts, however innovative also with zesty dripping alternative ice-block tunes to cool down the sweet and lusty summer. If life had no games between us would it be a mistake? Download and support the album on Bandcamp, or follow them on Facebook! They are real people making authentic vibes in order to hit our heart’s core, plus the most affectionate band video I’ve seen lately with tons of originality. 

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