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Nina Simone – Feeling Good (The Last Room & The Elements cover)

Nina Simone – Feeling Good (The Last Room & The Elements cover)

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“Birds flying high, you know how I feel…”

Bringing out the small or large part of love for blues, gospel and jazz that we all have inside us, The Last Room & The Elements amazingly crafted the perfect cover track with personality and fantastic technique. It’s your most memorable song with a spin of vintage, electro-pop, soul, and synths. As we swept up in the covered experience, as Nina Simone is a hero, consequently The Last Room & The Elements stepped up with super-music-powers standing for freedom and love. Undeniably they pay tribute and create tracks from the heart,  it seems this cover is mind-blowing in every genre-wise existence!

The Last Room went from learning opera at Alain Touboul Voice School in Paris (age 16) to recording a few tracks at ​Capitol Records studios in 2017, with big record deals on the table, however, the vision stayed clear to find a music family platform and express truthfulness. On the other hand, The Elements is a musician, engineer/inventor/sound designer, and composer. A multi-instrumentalist, he started playing the piano when he was 10 and by the age of 18, he composed his first track for ​various TV channels​. Fond of new technologies he graduated from his engineering school and filed a patent for his electronic instrument the “Touché”.

The Last Room is a journey in the unconscious part of us, this little room which contains all our lives. The Elements as no sound boundaries with “Touché”, his instrument open the access to infinite.

​A bright future stands ahead for them, and Greece loves this unlimited music portray of feelings. Press repeat and add it on your playlist!

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