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DeLange – Images

DeLange – Images

Images is the title song of DeLange’s debut album (due October 9th on ReVANCHE Records), sounding so delicate as I listen in absolute stillness. The track has succeeded, captivating me in its rich body of subtle colors when needed. Frank DeLange plays the piano with a “feather-touch”, excellently representing the world of neo-Romanticism. His playing is first-rate, at the age of 46 he felt it was ripe enough in his career to write produce and record his first album. Listen to those last drawn piano keys growl melodically against the winds of the past… Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Satie, and Debussy clearly laying out an acoustic setting of inspiration. The rhythm drives you forward, leaving you breathless. In a world where Images are over-filtered, now is the best way to acquire and hear them with music by your side.

I strongly feel composers and performers conduct time and space. They stretch or compress one’s experience of a moment and choose to put the listener in a tight room or in outer space. Furthermore, composers are able to capture the raw emotions of life and convert them into audible images for reminiscing.

Stream the track on all major platforms and follow the official page here.

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