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Radicule. X CLWDWLKR – Cosmic Tombs
McDead – Loan Star
deo autem nihil – atmos
Roleplay - My Sun
Roleplay – My Sun
Delta – Swimming
aonian ascent © Alex Kozobolis 135kb
Aonian – Ascent

Radicule. X CLWDWLKR – Cosmic Tombs

Whether fractional blips on the line/ circle of infinity or infinite ourselves, we remain connected to our lineage via our core DNA; from our great grandparents, back through the first single-celled organism, all the way to pre-creation space dust – ultimately, the celestial conscious moves through all. Each moment may only be a memory, by the time our mind extrapolates on the experience, as we exist simultaneously in both the past & future.

‘I’m actually a present sent to you by your ancestors’, proclaims the prolific Sun Ra, introducing us to ‘Cosmic Tombs’, as Radicule. & CLDWLKR trailblaze a path on this voyage of introspection & mystical history. With each movement symbolizing a piece to the greater puzzle, lyrics let loose in a stream of consciousness – flowing, feeding the ecosystem – while the reflection of harp & strings glisten atop a murky lake of thick kick/ snare, creating a lush biosphere. At these depths we find life at its purest; organic in nature, one with its surroundings – akin to the boom-bap of prime 90s jewels, but pushing the art form forward (& inward); propelling off of ancient cosmology, syncretism, & the metaphysical existence -encouraging third/ fourth eyes to shine.

‘Still searching for the truth, but hoping I never find it’, CLWDWLKR confesses, as we collectively stare into the void; while Radicule., capturing flashes of striking heavens & it’s chorus of angels, symbolizes the duality of life: chaos/ order. Galaxies beyond the modern ‘hip pop’ single, this is an adroit & exceptionally crafted piece – music which offers an awakening; the realization of a oneness with the multiverse, & it’s blissful existence living in everything.

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