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Tayong – Destined

Tayong – Destined


Destined, the new track from UK-based MC Tayong, plays our imagination across a distant, scanning horizon, implying a hazy glimpse of tomorrow. The production, by LXXPZ, expands upon styles ranging from ambient field recordings to space jazz to head-nodding grooves, creating a distinct & diverse texture, which allows Tayong to spread his wings & fully express the broad diversity of his lyrical palette. & The flow runs like a river, working its way forward across the topography, sometimes pooling to lakes, other times jumping off cliffs as waterfalls – each verse a new exploration in wordage.

Poignant & concise, ‘Destined‘ is well-developed art, taking two-three-ten listens to absorb properly. Perhaps, as the title would suggest, fate is really real, & we are riding on the whims of a greater force. Stay tuned into Tayong to find out.

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