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Alias Molombo – Intimate Jazz

Alias Molombo – Intimate Jazz

It feels like walking into an empty room where you wish you were accompanied.

This sultry and short instrumental features delicate pianos and saxes combined with a lo-fi production. I think that choosing this kind of production makes the track sound much more intimate, which is the song’s purpose. All of the elements of this track create an elegant and intriguing soundscape, which sounds easier said than done. The piano tiles will drive your mind and body to an imaginary dance until the piano’s melody draws the end of the track, giving this piece the perfect finishing touch.

Alias Molombo is a producer from Germany (Augsburg) who was infected with the HipHop virus as a child in the late 8ßs. After buying the first sampler he quickly had his first success and produced numerous albums for local bands. The level of awareness grew steadily, the credits now extend to Hollywood. He always remained true to his sound aesthetics: popping drums, dusty samples, and vinyl.

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