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BiiiG Stretch – Cabana

BiiiG Stretch – Cabana

Resting in the shade of a sunshine-gripped summer day; pollinators spreading their life-breath to the flowers & trees & greater vegetation all around you. Mystery & intrigue lay about the corners of your mind – problems come in threes they say, but you’re taking what solace you can in the mood of the moment.

BiiiG Stretch has quickly become a favorite hear here at the blog, & with each release stepping into unexplored territory, the jazz-hop creator is as inventive as he is consistent. Hand-drawn rhythmic shapes cascade in a waterfall of humanistic texture, nodding to the pulse of time passing. A Mulatu Astatke-esque vibraphone & microtone-heavy, portamento’d guitar transport you to an inescapable island adventure, full of majestic beauty & tropical fruit & an ominousness that follows you all around, throughout the getaway. Safe & sound? Perhaps… relaxed & focused, none-the-less. 

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