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Delta – Swimming

Delta – Swimming

What do you get when you combine two random internet musicians?

Swimming by DELTA is a catchy tune that will transport you to the summer on a terrace in Ibiza. The combination of the sultry voice and the danceable beat is perfect. DELTA created the beat and uploaded it to the internet, YOUVEGOTMAYL sent him a demo, and they started working on it, and it flowed rapidly. The instrumental includes heavy basses and Latin rhythms, and synthesizers that will make you want to go to a party.

The vocals also include some words in Spanish to accompany the vibes of the instrumental. The soft voice combined with a faster beat sounds interesting, it could be kind of a contradiction, but the artists managed to make it work perfectly. I want to highlight how the producer did a perfect job of keeping the song’s interest through the whole length, adding new elements and details, for example, some Latin-influenced guitars in the background. These are the elements that you have to pay special attention to; they create the soundscape even if you are not totally conscious about them.

Let’s grab a mojito and keep swimming on the wave of good music!

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