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Indigo Waves – Dark Matter II

Indigo Waves – Dark Matter II

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In a hazily recollected dream, Indigo Waves brings us ‘Dark Matter II‘, their most recently released single from their eponymous album. A bright light of energy, amidst the bleaker cosmic implications, ‘Dark Matter II’ has a retro-future-esque pulse to it, which recollects space cowboys from another dimension.

Driving & thumping, the rhythm carries the uplifting pace amidst a flurry of arpeggiated guitars, as their definingly bouncy melodiousness, dive-bombing whammies & slides cascade around the listener. Vocal displays recollect a time before grid-minded quantization took over, gifting one a humanistic lilt amidst the infectious melodies. A soundscape within a pop format, a punk deliverance within a country-western ballad, & a post-Cure personality that expresses the complexities of human emotion, Indigo Waves is making truly exceptional music. Do yourself the favor & check out more:

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