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H+ – Value is Subjective

H+ – Value is Subjective

H+ Value is Subjective

Bermuda-based H+ aka Malcolm Brian Swan combines crispy drum n bass sprinkled with futuristic squelch that nibbles away on electronic complexities to create a trans-humanistic fusion of his own. A non-linear playground of sounds, at an eclectic pace, to get your heart and mind pumping in the post-jungle-pandemic era. This could be the dizzying energy you’ve looked for in a while that is: “Value is Subjective“.

There is a certain joy in spinning this track, a Braindace as we say. Layers and layers of futuristic inception have been buried in each listening. H+’s list of accomplishments drops our jaw, and music speaks always louder than words. Drawing influence from Metal, Funk, Reggae, Dub, Jazz, Art music and other genres H+ has crafted an intelligent motif of sounds, that twirls into the universe to bring joy and brighter thinking of the bigger questions surrounding us.

Give it a spin:

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