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The Upsides – Gold Rush

The Upsides – Gold Rush

The Upsides are a US band based in Brooklyn, New york. The lineup consists of four people, the Fullam brothers (Matt and Dan) and their longtime friends Matt DaSilva & Hart Mechlin.

Their music is a blend of influences coming from bands like the Queens of the Stone Age, Rolling Stones, The Strokes & the Heartbreakers, and the outcome is a groovy, mostly uptempo sound with a modern “polished” feel, yet old school approach when it comes to the production.

The band’s debut EP is full of clever lyrics and slick riffs, vocals that let the melodies take the lead, and sweet-sounding solos. From a groon to a falsetto and vice versa, Fullam’s voice remains on point. Gold Rush and the rest of the album was recorded at Grand Street Recording in Brooklyn, NY with a mixture of vintage instruments and modern mixing techniques from Jake Lummus. The delivery is a big-sounding production, with a touch of vintage feel on the guitars and bass, groovy pop vibes, and vocals you can easily sing along with.

I really loved the fullness of the track and Fullam’s voice. The backing vocals gave me some Beach Boys feels and the repeating pattern on the guitar is still stuck on my head as I’m writing this.

I appreciate it when bands and musicians go back to vintage gear, there was something magical happening back then and using gear like that leads to a more organic and warm sound (at least to my ears).

You can check The Upsides through the following links:


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